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Flushed with Forgiveness

8 Jun

I’ve had my mind in the toilet lately — but to be fair, my phone took me there (after I took it there). Perched in my shallow jacket pocket – a risky choice but I popped it in there “for just a sec,” a quick pitstop as I headed out to meet a friend.
After said pitstop, I pivoted to flush, but before I reached the handle, my phone belly flopped into the unflushed pee water. 😭
Phones costing what they do, and instincts being what they are, I immediately fished it out with my bare hand. My bare hand. Then I took action:
Washed my hands; rinsed the phone; bathed it with a Clorox wipe, and another for my hands. Removed the case. Washed the case in hot, soapy Dial liquid. Then rubbing alcohol. Wiped it again with a new Clorox wipe. And then more rubbing alcohol. And then a soapy rag. And then another alcohol swipe. Then repeated Dial soap hand washing.
I grabbed the phone to text my friend “running late!” and I thought “ick.” I wanted to wash my hands. Again. I couldn’t wrap my head around the lingering thought that it was still dirty, tainted, and in need of decontamination. I knew intellectually, but couldn’t forget.
And then, NATURALLY, I thought of sin and Jesus (who wouldn’t, right??!)
Seriously, though: When we come with our tainted selves to Him, asking for forgiveness, He gives us the ultimate Clorox wipe swipe. Irrevocable.Yet we sometimes let our minds and the whispers of an unseen adversary make us doubt that cleansing, make us feel inadequate, not clean enough, tainted, despite what we know is true. Even when we edge a little too close to temptation “for just a sec,” and we fall out of the pocket of safety into a murky, sinful habit, we are STILL worthy of His love, STILL able to confess and come clean, to talk back to the thoughts and say, “I am forgiven. I am purified. Those actions do not define me, nor disqualify me!”
While my mind may be in the toilet for a few more days, that sanitized phone of mine will remind me of the forgiveness I find in Christ, despite my imperfection.
1John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

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