‘Twas the Night Before Hockey

18 Jan

‘Twas the night before hockey

And all through Cup Kingdom

The fanatics were stirring

Like Luc doing Gangnam

The Banner’ll be hung

In the rafters with care

A reverent unfurling

While we’ll all gawk and stare

A long night ahead, tossing, turning in bed

With visions of June still fresh in our heads

Then we, in our jerseys, & Stanley Cup Caps

Will finally awake from this long puckless nap

Now out on the ice, there’ll arise such a clatter

Bettman’s folly, that lockout, won’t really matter

Jimmy & Bob will be back in a flash

And some bitter Ducks fan will prob’ly talk trash

Now Dusty, now Kopi, now Quickie and Penner

Now Cliffy, now Williams, Carter and Greener

To the slot, to the point! Willie & Drew

Shake off the cobwebs, get ready Ice Crew!

Then Sutter will stand, to his team give a whistle,

And away Champs will fly, like Scuds, like a missile

Without David Courtney, it won’t seem quite right,

But Happy Hockey to all, and to all, a good fight!

©Cindy McMcMahon

Manhattan Beach CA

Jan 18, 2013

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